This Rough Magic

At Home on the Columbia Slough

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Chapter Excerpts

Columbia River Floodplain: 1820

“The Chinookan woman slipped from her small cedar canoe into the pond, holding the side for balance until her feet touched silt. . . Earlier in the summer, she had sheared from the surface a clutch of wapato leaves for stew greens.”

The Adventure Begins

“Now we watched as the mother paced and howled frantically. No pups anywhere. Were they lost? Were they dead?”

If Nutrias Ruled the World

“By human standards, a nutria is a hot bag of nickels. It’s not river-otter cute. Or even wombat cute. Water disguises its blubbery body, but. . . on land, the nutria forsakes all claims to adorability.”

Citizen Crow: Up to No Good

“Crows eyeball us in the garden like tower guards tracking inmates in the prison yard.”